Do you want to know what services are included for each part of your face?

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خدمات زیبایی صورت

Beauty eyebrows services

Eyebrow transplantation
Eyebrow lift with thread and filler
Eyebrow lift with surgery

Forehead Beauty services

Forehead filler
lifting (surgery)
Haifu forehead

Nose Beauty services

nose plastic surgery
Nose shaping with biological filler
Botox nose

Lips Beauty services

gel injection
central lip
Lip filler

Eyelids & Temples Beauty services

Removing drooping eyelids (blepharoplasty)
Temple lifting
Fixing drooping eyelid with filler
crow's feet botox

Under Eyes Beauty services

Lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
Removing dimples and dark circles under the eyes
Wrinkle removal with filler and thread
Haifu under the eyes
Botox of the paw
Thread under the eyes

Laugh Line Beauty services

Injection of biological
thread filler

Sad Line Beauty services


Dental Cosmetic services

Dental implant
Dental laminate
Dental composite
Teeth bleaching
Tooth and gum repair
Denervation (Endo) of the tooth
Tooth crown
Dental prosthesis
Dental scaling
pull tooth

Cheek Beauty services

gel injection
filler injection
buccal fat

Jaw Beauty services

V shape (jaw angulation with biological filler)
Angulation with thread
Mini lift surgery
Fixing sagging sagging with Haifu

Chin Beauty services

Chin prosthesis surgery
Chin filler

Goofy Beauty services


Do you know what beauty services are included in each part of your body?

Women’s body beauty services

خدمات زیبایی بدن زنان

Men’s body beauty services

خدمات زیبایی بدن مردان

How to take care of your skin at different ages?

اIf you want to know what are the ways to care for your skin at different ages, select your age range in the slider ⇓

مراقب پوستی برای افراد 20 تا 30 سال

At this age, our skin has the collagen it needs, but in order for the skin to maintain its collagen, we must have a skin routine such as cleansing and hydrating the skin, and the skin facial is the best option, and those who want their face or lips to be more beautiful can use Filler injections make them more beautiful

مراقب پوستی برای افراد 30 تا 40 سال

From the early 30s, the skin gradually loses its collagen, and as a result, the process of creating wrinkles on the skin begins, and it shows itself mostly on the cheeks and forehead. For prevention, we need deep hydration and rejuvenation of the skin, such as meso gel injection. Collagen and Botox
We can also use biological fillers to shape the face and lips better

مراقب پوستی برای افراد 40 تا 50 سال

Upon reaching the age of 40, the signs of skin aging and the loss of collagen accelerate and the skin loses its elasticity, and we usually notice sagging of the face in the area of the cheeks and the lower part of the face. We suggest you to inject all kinds of meso-gels (with needle or Ampigan), thread and collagen-forming fillers, HIFU and RF to lift your facial skin.

مراقب پوستی برای افراد 50 تا 60 سال

Many of you dear ones in this decade would like to have a younger face, which we suggest to you, performing treatment services that stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, such as injection of lifters, fillers, fat injection, HIFU, Endolift, use of lifting and rejuvenating threads. According to the conditions of your skin age, the possibility of cosmetic surgery is also provided. Such as blepharoplasty, buccal fat, mini face lift, surgery and skin tightening, which you can call our number for consultation.

مراقب پوستی برای افراد 60 ساله و بالاتر

Due to the high sensitivity of the skin, body conditions, the degree and intensity of the reaction to drugs, cosmetic products or medical services in this age range, it is strongly recommended to contact us before any action so that we can give you expert advice for free

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50-60 years
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